School of Management’s strong contribution to ACIS 2018

ACIS is the premier conference in Australasia for Information Systems. In 2018, ACIS was hosted by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia during the first week of December. This year’s conference theme was Strategic Positioning.

Information systems have a critical role to facilitate decision making processes in a global context. Indeed, information system researchers have pioneered many of the conceptual tools that this vantage point of decision making demands. This thematic view of IS offered IS researchers a platform to focus on the impact of IS research to solve ongoing societal challenges. These include a focus on organisational resilience and risk assessment, cyber threats mitigation, the role of big data, disaster management, and environmental modelling.

The School of Management had a strong presence with four delegates presenting three papers. All delegates also contributed to the conference by taking on roles in chairing sessions and panels.

From Supply Chain Management, Torsten Reiners and Shastri Nimmagadda attended. Shastri, Torsten and Lincoln Wood chaired a discussion panel titled “On Big Data guided Logistics and Supply Chain Management Systems and Knowledge Management” and the paper titled “An Integrated Information Retrieval Framework for Managing the Digital Web Ecosystem” (Zhu Dengya, Shastri Nimmagadda and Torsten Reiners) was also presented.  Read the paper.

John Venable and Nik Thompson represented the Information Systems stream with John chairing two sessions – the first a discussion on “Controversial papers” and later leading a panel discussion on “The Future of ACIS.”

Nik chaired the session on “Digital Business Innovation” and later presented two papers. The first, “Privacy Concerns and Acceptance of Government Surveillance in Australia” (Joel Kininmonth, Nik Thompson, Tanya Mcgill and Anna Bunn). Read the paper. The second paper was titled “Gender Differences in Information Security Perceptions and Behaviour” (Tanya McGill and Nik Thompson). Read the paper.

The papers were all well received and sparked lively discussions, with some good suggestions for future work and how to develop the conference papers into journal articles. ACIS 2019 will be hosted here in Perth so this trip was also a valuable opportunity for meeting with the current organizing committee to discuss plans for next year.