Business Capstone unit

Students giving a presentation

Take up the challenge and walk in the shoes of successful business people by running your own virtual company. In the final semester of the Bachelor of Commerce, students must complete the Business Capstone unit. This is an opportunity for final year business students to put their skills into practice by sending them into a simulated business world. Competing against other teams, students will become the directors of a virtual company in a dynamic commercial environment, making vital decisions to ensure their success.

This Capstone unit will help teach students to:

  • make realistic business decisions
  • critically evaluate information to solve problems
  • communicate with team members in realistic business contexts
  • work intensively in teams to achieve solid business outcomes
  • incorporate ethical considerations into business decision making.

Some key achievements of the Capstone unit :

  • consolidate and extend undergraduate business learning
  • Business acumen is developed using the renowned Capstone® Business Simulation and CBS Digital Media Platform
  • Enhanced decision making capability through a deep immersion learning process
  • Make decisions justified on sound business principles
  • Scrutinise the latest research and thinking in business.

Did you know?

  • CBS is the only university in Western Australia to offer the Capstone® Business Simulation and CBS Digital Media Platform
  • Students can also compete in individual simulations where they are completely in control
  • There are opportunities to compete against other global Capstone® Business Simulation players
  • Business Capstone can also be studied online.