Digital marketing workshops: “Understanding the digital customer journey”

The third installation of a series of digital marketing focused workshops organised by the School of Marketing was held on Wednesday, 8 August at Curtin University.

The workshop, titled Understanding the digital customer journey, was presented by ALYKA, a WA based digital marketing firm.

The workshop was delivered by ALYKA’s digital team lead, Dillon Jones, who gave a detailed outlook on the future of digital marketing. He focused on three key areas: customer attribution, digital marketing funnelling and Google Data Studio.

The workshop covered how customer attribution and measurement proves to be one of the biggest challenges marketers face today. One of the main reasons is the complex nature of how consumers today are adopting a multi-channel approach to searching and purchasing products and services, largely due to the rapid evolution and emergence of new digital technologies.
Digital marketers need to have a deeper appreciation of the entire digital journey the customer takes from their initial contact with the brand to the eventual conversion. More than that, to be able to examine and measure the degree to which each touchpoint in the digital customer journey contributes to the final conversion. This enables marketers to allocate their resources more effectively into the various digital platforms they use to reach their customer.

The workshop also covered how to execute and build digital marketing funnels through automation, as well as an interactive exercise using Google Data Studio to pull different data sources together to produce reports that are visually stunning and easy to understand.

The workshop was well-received by all who attended-

“Walking out of the session, I wished I had a time machine to go back a couple of years to funnel my studies and efforts into becoming a marketer in the digital space. The presenter covered broad topics but left just enough tease to leave the audience interested for more. I cannot speak any more highly of the topic and presenter. The topics “Credit Attribution” and “Digital Sales Funnel”, in particular, piqued my interest. Highly commended.” – PhD marketing student

The next and final workshop will be held on 5 September 2018, titled: “The pursuit of relevant connections in digital”.