Digital marketing workshops: “Search engine optimisation”

Ignite workshop

Ignite Search showcases SEO strategies at Curtin University

The second event in the School of Marketing’s digital marketing workshop series delivered an entertaining and valuable insight on SEO strategies on Wednesday 16 May.

Ignite Search is a Perth based agency providing high performance digital marketing through search engine optimisation (SEO), working with a wide-range of companies in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Cheech Foo, Director of Ignite Search, delivered an entertaining and comprehensive overview of effective SEO approaches and strategies, highlighting the importance of SEO through a live SEO audit.

“The future of search engine optimisation is incredibly positive, and Ignite Search are proud to be the leaders in educating and assisting the academic and business community in this dynamic and highly effective marketing discipline,” Mr Foo stated.

 As the second event of the ongoing digital marketing series, the interactive nature of the workshop simulated the work of the industry, focusing on clients and teams. The enactment of a live SEO audit introduced attendees to fundamental strategies, software and skills that are necessary within the success of digital marketing.

Dr Fazlul Rabbanee, senior lecturer in the School of Marketing said, “The industry insights and live SEO skills shown were really useful to receive.”

“The event enables students to interact with potential employers and explore more opportunities for internships,” he added.

Dr Luke Butcher, a School of Marketing lecturer, said the opportunity to see a live SEO audit and understand the specific industry tools and techniques used, was highly valuable, and that the workshop was a great opportunity to learn about different approaches to effective SEO.

Mr Foo applauded Curtin University for continuing to reinforce the academic and private industry collaboration in order to improve the quality of marketing education at a tertiary level.

Ignite Search offer an eight-week internship program, for current marketing students interested in SEO.

For more information on Curtin’s Digital Marketing course, the School of Marketing or the internship opportunities please contact Dr Wesley Lim at