Student events

The Faculty of Business and Law continuously provides students with the opportunity to connect with industry through specialised events. Throughout your degree, you’ll receive opportunities to register for industry-based events via UniHub, including career fairs, recruitment presentations, networking events, and much more.

By participating in these events, you will complement your studies with real-world industry engagement and graduate ready to launch your business career anywhere in the world.

Industry Connect Events

  • “Choose Your Major” Expo

    Wednesday, 9 May 2018

    Starts: 12:00pm
    Finishes: 1:45pm
    Venue: Building 201 (map)

    This Event will give you the opportunity to hear an overview of all Major options and how to choose them; and gain an insight into what is involved by speaking with our Student Services Officers, FBL Student Club Representatives, FBL School Staff and some industry representatives who will be in the information area.

    There will also be representatives from Curtin Careers, CBS Industry Connect & CBS Student Engagement to give you an idea of all the other exciting options you have at CBS; such as internships, student exchange, professional development and industry engagement.

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