CBS Wesfarmers High Achievers

Smiling girl at meeting

Established in 2015, the CBS Wesfarmers High Achievers are a group of high achieving CBS students who have displayed exceptional academic performance and extra-curricular engagement during their first and second year of studies.

Membership into the group is by invitation only and over the course of the year members will be invited to attend a number of invitation-only networking functions and industry focused sessions with influential business leaders. Members will also have access to their very own careers consultant and professional development opportunities.

The CBS Wesfarmers High Achievers program aim to separate members from their graduating peers by building on academic performance and furthering members’ employability through work with Curtin Careers Centre and Curtin Leadership Centre.

Eligible students must attend at least 50% of the CBS Wesfarmers High Achievers specific functions to receive recognition of membership over the academic year.
For further information about the CBS Wesfarmers High Achievers please contact the CBS Industry Connect Team.