Business and Law High Achievers

Group of business people walking in a row

The Business and Law High Achiever Program is a semester long program, aimed to recognise & support our motivated, involved and exceptional performing students studying with Curtin Business School and Curtin Law School.

This program introduces tools to begin developing and discovering their professional self through understanding how to identify their skills and qualities as a professional and learning strategies to develop their self-awareness and communicate confidently.

Program elements include professional development workshops, reflection and self-awareness activities, Captains of Industry meetings, career guidance and support sessions.

Undertaking the program during either the last semester of their second year or first semester of their final year of studies gives students the opportunity to begin to put into action what they learn throughout the program over their final semesters of studies.

Students gain the tools and confidence to acknowledge and communicate their abilities into a professional environment before entering the workforce, add the polish expected by industry, and are encouraged to continue to develop throughout their career.

The program is also aimed at establishing a strong student network and engaged alumni for the faculty.

For more information please contact the Program Coordinator at or 9266 4572.