Internship Information for CBS Students

Students doing a presentation

Want to gain real-world experience before you graduate? Undertake a business internship.
You may have the option to adjust your study plan to include an internship or industry project unit within your degree.

Placement allocation will be at the discretion of the Faculty of Business and Law, we endeavour to support as many students as possible into placements, utilising our established industry links and our partnership with CCIWA.

Internships and industry projects are generally unpaid and will vary in length, typically between 100-150 hours, though some experiences may be undertaken over a longer period of time, depending on the requirements of the host organisation, project parameters, unit requirements and availability. Internships can be undertaken during semester or in a more intensive block through the study breaks.
On an internship, you could help businesses with:

  • conducting research
  • scoping the viability of new projects
  • developing programs
  • supporting the implementation of new systems
  • revising marketing strategies
  • assisting with an upcoming event
  • analysing data and trends

Enrolment in the unit is subject to the approval of the Faculty and your respective School/s. You cannot enrol into the unit without an approved internship. We do not guarantee all students who want an internship will get one.

Each application is individually screened and assessed for suitability.

Typically to be eligible for the unit, students need to:

  • Have completed 200 credits or more (post graduate students can be considered earlier)
  • Be enrolled as a Faculty of Business and Law student
  • Have appropriate space within their study plan with either an approved substitute unit or an available elective
  • Be on Good Academic Standing
  • Pass the industry readiness screening and interview process

If you are not sure about your eligibility, contact the Industry Connect team to find out more.

Be Prepared

The Business Internship Unit is a competitive process run to simulate a real recruitment process. Ensure you are prepared and professional.

We endeavour to place students within an internship that is relevant to their skill set, interests and career goals. Before meeting with us be prepared to discuss your course, career plans and some specifics regarding the types of internships and industries that are of specific interest to you.

We will require an up to date resume and recommend visiting Curtin Careers, Employment and Leadership to get some guidance to ensure that your resume meets professional standards, , enhancing your chances of being successful in obtaining an internship role.

Curtin Careers, Employment and Leadership offer other programs which can assist in improving your employability and many other support services which can help guide you towards your career goals, take advantage of their services whilst you are at university.

How to apply

All eligible students are encouraged to apply for positions they are interested in via UniHub on the Business Internship Opportunities page.

Shortlisted students will be notified and will be required to complete an industry readiness screening and interview on campus before interviewing with the potential host organisation.


If you have any further questions please visit or contact the Faculty of Business and Law, Industry Connect office Building 407 Room 210, or 9266 1540.