CBS Postgraduate Students

Businessman at office desk

Want to gain real-world experience in the workforce? Try a business placement

Typically these placements are out of curricular for our Postgraduate students, but in cases it may be possible to undertake a placement as part of your postgraduate studies.

Placements are unpaid and will vary in length (between 100-150 hours) depending on the requirements of the business you are placed with. Some will be more intense ‘block’ placements over a couple of weeks during the semester break, others may be undertaken over a longer period of time.

On placement, you could help local businesses with:

  • conducting research
  • scoping the viability of new projects
  • developing programs
  • supporting the implementation of new systems
  • revising marketing strategies
  • assisting with an upcoming event
  • analysing data and trends.

There are limited places available. All eligible students are encouraged to apply for positions they are interested in via our Student Opportunities Page.

Shortlisted students will be notified and will be required to complete an interview with the potential placement business. CBS will endeavour to place as many students as possible but we cannot guarantee every student will gain a placement.

Further recommendations

There are eight employability modules that will be required to be completed before you begin your placement, however as they are run through the Careers Centre you are able to complete them, if you wish, prior to applying for a position.

The list is available through UniHub / Your Career Development Dashboard or Curtin Challenge sites.

Students should also take advantage of the support of the Curtin Careers Centre, they offer fantastic programs to assist you improving your employability with many other support services for our students. The process of applying for an internship is much like the applications process you would go through for any other position, the Careers Centre will help you ensure your resume and cover letter are up to date, enhancing your chances of being successful in obtaining an internship role.