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The Student Engagement team aims to link students to the real business world. As a Curtin Business School or Curtin Law School student you will have opportunities to connect with successful business and community leaders, helping you gain a competitive edge, with the potential to enhance your professional prospects.

Industry mentor talking with students

Business Internships

The Faculty of Business and Law has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) to offer internships to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

These business internships provide students with credit towards their degree, and they gain the experience and practical skills required by industry. Host Organisations support students and share their expertise, to develop the future workforce, whilst meeting their current strategic goals.

Want to gain real-world experience before you graduate? Undertake a business internship.
You may have the option to adjust your study plan to include an internship or industry project unit within your degree.

Placement allocation will be at the discretion of the Faculty of Business and Law, we endeavour to support as many students as possible into placements, utilising our established industry links and our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia (CCIWA).

Internships and industry projects are generally unpaid and will vary in length, typically between 100-150 hours, though some experiences may be undertaken over a longer period of time, depending on the requirements of the host organisation, project parameters, unit requirements and availability. Internships can be undertaken during semester or in a more intensive block through the study breaks.

Trent di Salvo

Hear from one of our interns!

“Before I began, I thought I would be photocopying and getting coffees, but that could not be further from the truth. I was doing meaningful work on the first day. Some jobs included research for clients, attending meetings, performing valuations, completing tax returns and other various duties.  The highlight of my internship was helping form part of a large business transaction and having the partner tell me I was an important part of the process, and have valuable knowledge on the situation.

In many situations within an internship you are faced with problems that you are unable to answer and feel as if you cannot ask too many questions. It was great to know that the staff and even partners were happy to help and understood that myself and other interns are new to the corporate environment.

Make sure that you have completed at least one internship before your third year. Despite whether the internships is paid or unpaid, they have an immense impact on your career vision. It can help to reiterate your passion for a field or perhaps point you in another direction. If the company is impressed with you, you may even be offered a position after graduation!”

Trent Di Salvo
Accounting & Finance
Internships: Hall Chadwick, HLB Mann Judd

Want help finding an internship?


To be eligible to undertake an internship for credit within an undergraduate degree, you must:

  • Have completed at least 300 credits
  • Be on ‘Good Standing’ with a minimum CWA of 60
  • Have adequate space on your study place to receive credit

To be eligible to undertake an internship for credit within a postgraduate degree, you must:

  • Be on ‘Good Standing’ with a minimum CWA of 60
  • Have adequate space on your study place to receive credit

Be Prepared

The Business Internship Unit is a competitive process run to simulate a real recruitment process. Ensure you are prepared and professional. We place students within businesses that are relevant to their skill set, interests and career goals. Before meeting with us be prepared to discuss your course, career plans and some specifics regarding the types of internships and industries that are of specific interest to you.

You must send us an up to date resume.Visit Curtin Careers, Employment and Leadership for guidance to ensure that your resume meets professional standards.

How to Apply

Browse current opportunities, and apply, via UniHub on the Business Internship Opportunities page.

Shortlisted students will be notified and required to complete an industry readiness screening and interview on campus before interviewing with the potential host organisation.

Please contact us directly for any opportunities that may not be listed in UniHub.

Bring Your Own Internship

Students have the opportunity to source their own projects and internships (placements) and request approval to be enrolled into one of our industry experience units.

Once you have applied we will check your study plan and ensure that you are eligible to undertake one of the units for credit within your degree.

Before Applying

Please ensure:

  • Your placement is confirmed for between 100 – 150 hours
  • Your potential supervisor is willing to complete an appraisal of your performance. The appraisal will only take about 10 minutes. The university may contact your supervisor during the placement for a progress update. Download an example host organisation appraisal form
  • You need a safe work environment to undertake your placement. Your internship cannot take place in a home office.
  • If your internship is at your current workplace, you must be able to provide evidence to show that your role as an intern will differ from your usual paid position
  • You have all the relevant documentation to attach to your application (listed below)

Make sure you supply all requested documents and complete all required fields. Once we have made our assessment we will inform you of the outcome and you will be enrolled into the next available relevant study period.

Required Documentation – Unpaid Internships

  • Detailed position description outlining what projects, duties and tasks you will be undertaking during your internship
  • Letter from host organisation
    Must be on company letterhead and include a confirmation of your start and finish dates, as well as and that you will be about to complete at least 100 hours for your unit.
  • Please note that one of our team may need to arrange a site visit to the location you will be undertaking your internship.

Required Documentation – Paid Internships

  • Detailed position description outlining what projects, duties and tasks you will be undertaking during your internship
  • Letter from employer
    Must be on company letterhead and include a confirmation you are working as an employee and covered by their workplace insurances, how long you have been in your role and that you will be about to complete at least 100 hours for your unit.

Pre-Internship Bootcamp

Thinking about undertaking an internship, but unsure where to start?
Join an intensive internship boot camp to get yourself placement ready, and feeling confident about your next steps!

In these lively interactive sessions we will strengthen these key areas:

  • Identifying and targeting specific industry placements that support your career goals
  • Reviewing best practice in professional communication skills
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Refining and polishing your professional resume and enhancing your personal brand

You will also have the opportunity to network with staff and fellow students, ask questions and meet our partners from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA.

Complete a BYO Application

Once you’ve read through the information above and got all your documents ready, please submit an application.

You must have your placement approved BEFORE you start your project or internship. Assessment of your placement can take between 10 – 14 business days. There are assessments related to the unit, the timelines and due dates will depend upon the study period you are enrolled into and what activity you are undertaking.