Short term global experiences

Short term global experiences give you the opportunity to travel to incredible locations and gain credit towards your course, all in your semester break! Popular with students who are unable to commit to a semester abroad, short term programs are typically between 2-6 weeks and allow student to study 1-2 units for credit in a range of locations.

Curtin students at Stanford
Students who participated in the 2019 Stanford International Honors Program

Stanford International Honors Program

Students selected to participate in the Stanford International Honors Program (IHP) will spend 8 weeks studying with Stanford University in California, alongside students from 25 different universities across the globe. This elite program combines top-notch academics with extracurricular activities, providing students the opportunity to academically excel at one of the most competitive universities in the USA. IHP courses feature small class sizes, accessible world-class instructors, and the choice of more than 30 courses.

The Stanford IHP runs every year from June to August, with applications open in January each year.
Applications for the 2021 program have now closed.

Short courses

Interested in studying overseas during the study breaks, while gaining credit towards your course? There are short course opportunities with Curtin’s partner universities all over the world, in a large range of disciplines. These are usually offered during the semester breaks, and opportunities will be advertised during each semester.

There are options available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Please note all current offerings are delivered in a virtual learning format.

The next intake for a short course exchange will be in the mid-year break. Programs and opportunities will be posted here, and promoted via your student email.

WHU MBA Summer Program

WHU MBA Summer Program
The WHU Online MBA European Summer Program is a two-week course on ‘The Changing Environment for International Business in Europe’ that is specifically designed for MBA students who are interested in International Business, Finance, and Corporate Strategy.

By participating in the online short-term program, you will have the opportunity to attend interactive live class meetings and work together with students from different locations via virtual breakout sessions.

Specifically suited to Masters of Business Administration students

Country: Germany
10 – 22 May 2021
Program Fees: €125
Nomination Deadline: 1 March 2021

Mannheim Business School Summer Program

Mannheim Business School Summer Program

Expand your horizons with a study experience at one of Germany’s best business schools.
Choose from three modules:

  • Sustainability and Ecological Awareness in the Largest European Economy
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Introduction to the World of Big Data & Analytics

Suited to postgraduate students, a minimum of two modules is required to receive credit

Country: Germany
Dates: 5 – 23 July
Program Fees: €890 for two modules
Application Deadline: 30 April 2021

Copenhagen Business School International Summer Program

Copenhagen Business School International Summer Program

One of Europe’s largest oldest summer programs, experience exciting courses taught by brilliant faculty as well as the amazing spirit of wonderful Copenhagen. Be inspired by the international environment with participants from over 50 countries.

Suited to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Country: Denmark
22 June – 30 July 2021
Program Fees: No fees for nominated exchange students
Nomination Deadline: 10 March (formal applications close 16 March)

Toulouse Business School Summer Program

Toulouse Business School Summer Program

Study a range of business courses with one of France’s most reputable business schools!

Undergraduate courses:

  • Marketing Me: Personal Branding for Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management of Cultural Corporates
  • International Business Procurement and Crisis Management
  • Competitive Strategy
  • International Banking & Finance
  • Big Data & Marketing Analytics

Postgraduate courses:

  • Green and Profitable: The Ambidextrous Investor – Corporate Governance and Sustainable Investing

Suited to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Country: France
14 – 30 June 2021
Program Fees: No fees for first four nominated exchange students,
€590 for one course, €1080 for two courses
Nomination Deadline: 15 March 2021

EM Strasbourg International Summer School

EM Strasbourg International Summer School

Combine academics with real world industry connections in the EM Strasbourg International Summer School.
Choose from three courses:

  • French Language & Culture
  • Business in Europe
  • European Integration

Suited to undergraduate students

Country: France
17 June – 16 July
Program Fees: No fees for nominated exchange students
Nomination Deadline:
1 March 2021

HAN Online Summer School

HAN Online Summer School

Study in an interactive online setting with people from all around the world and learn about the Dutch economy and context in business.

Two courses on offer:

  1. Data Driven Decision Making In Marketing
  2. Supply Chain Management

Suited to undergraduate students, students must undertake both courses to receive credit

Country: the Netherlands
21 June – 2 July 2021
Program Fees: €150 for nominated exchange students
Nomination Deadline:
25 April 2021

HWR Berlin Online Summer School

HWR Berlin Online Summer School

A range of business, law, economics, entrepreneurship, politics and language programs are taught by the HWR Berlin’s acclaimed academic team. Study alongside participants from across the globe whilst discovering Berlin’s unique culture and history.

Suited to undergraduate students

Full program details will be announced soon!

Zhejiang University Summer School

Zhejiang University Summer School

Choose from 15 courses on offer through one of China’s most prestigious international universities!

Suited to undergraduate students

Country: China
28 June – 16 July 2021
Program Fees: Approximately $3992 for one course, $5343 for two courses
Application Deadline:
25 June 2021

Please complete a Study Abroad application to see if you would be able to receive credit for this program.

Rennes School of Business Summer Program

Rennes School of Business Summer Program – AI Business

Earn a certificate in artificial intelligence business and study topics including:

  • Data science for business
  • AI business intelligence
  • Business textual learning
  • Business network intelligence

Suited to undergraduate students

Country: France
10 May – 4 April 2021
Program Fees: No cost for nominated exchange students
Nomination Deadline:
2 April 2021

Apply for a short course

MBA students exploring Norway whilst undertaking a short course in 2019

“The campus is located close to the Bergen city centre, near the water with student accommodation within walking distance. The lecturers and staff are very passionate about what they do and are always happy to help. We enjoyed a welcome dinner and some outings on the weekend which helped us mingle and get to know the local culture. I made some great friends from around the world, and I plan to meet up with them here in Australia! Norway is a beautiful country, I enjoyed some great hikes through the mountains. Food was fantastic, we had salmon and reindeer, and great coffee too! This trip broadened my horizons and I met some amazing people from different cultures – it definitely has enhanced my ability to communicate better in different contexts. I wish it had been longer!”

– Cathy Cheng, MBA
NHH Summer Program 2019

Study Tours

The Faculty of Business and Law run a number of tours throughout the year. Some are discipline specific, others are faculty wide and open to all students.

Regional Study Tours - NEW for 2021

As international travel continues to be off limits, opportunities for students seeking co-curricular immersive experiences has greatly diminished. The Faculty of Business & Law is currently seeking expressions of interest in two potential regional study tours for 2021.

These tours would allow students to engage with regional West Australian industry, explore the country and build your employability skills by applying your studies to real world situations, whilst receiving credit towards your degree. The tour would also touch on indigenous perspectives in the areas visited.

Kalgoorlie Study Tour

South West Study Tour

Malaysia Study Tour

Study business from a global perspective in Malaysia! This years tour will visit Curtin’s Malaysia campus in Miri, Sarawak, and the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Compare and contrast the two locations by engaging with industry leaders, hearing from guest speakers and undertaking cultural immersion activities such as an overnight homestay in a local village.
Themes covered include international economics, sustainability, tourism marketing, entrepreneurship, indigenous issues and cross-cultural communication.
Suitable for undergraduate final year Commerce students studying all majors.

Dates for 2020: TBA
Up to $3000 in New Colombo Plan funding available for eligible students
Express your interest now!

Dubai Study Tour

Study business from a global perspective in the United Arab Emirates at Curtin Dubai and receive 25 credit points towards your degree. Students will visit the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, be exposed to local and government industry, take classes on campus and undertake cultural immersion activities such as a Bedouin Desert Safari. The tour will also coincide with the EXPO 2020 – an international festival on a global scale, showcasing the best nations have to offer from around the world.
Themes covered include innovation and start-up, entrepreneurship, finance, banking, international marketing, international trade and cross-cultural communication.
Suitable for undergraduate final year Commerce students studying all majors.

Dates for 2021: TBA
Express your interest now!

Singapore Study Tour

An exciting new tour for 2020! Spend 10 days exploring one of Asia’s biggest international trading and commerce hubs! Undertake sessions at Curtin’s Singapore campus, engage with local industry and immerse yourself in the city’s rich cultural diversity.
Suitable for undergraduate final year Commerce students studying all majors.

Dates: TBA
Express your interest now!

India Innovation and International Business Study Tour

The tour will feature visits to four cities: Mumbai, India’s international business, finance and commerce hub; Bangalore, India’s innovation and start-up capital; Delhi; the national capital and seat of the government; and Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal. As one of the world’s most promising emerging economies, the India tour will include visits to innovative Indian and overseas multinational corporations, emerging start-ups and venture capital firms and feature academic discussions and workshops at world class higher education institutions like the Indian Institute of Management and the Indian Institute of Technology. Moreover, the program will also provide students with a cultural immersion experience with introductory Hindi language classes and visits to cultural and historic sites including the Taj Mahal.

Dates: TBA
Up to $3000 in New Colombo Plan funding available for eligible students
Contact: Dr Subra Ananthram,

Silicon Valley Study Tour

Join Curtin Business School’s 10-day professional experience study tour to Silicon Valley and other Californian start-up, business and education hotspots. Learn from passionate senior executives about how their companies continue to grow globally, participate in interactive workshops facilitated by some of the world’s top universities, and gain insights into how Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture champions innovation. If you are a current Curtin postgraduate student, an eligible undergraduate student, or a business professional looking to learn more about international business, innovation and entrepreneurship, you’re invited to apply!

Dates: TBA

Read more

Tourism and Hospitality Study Tour – School of Marketing

The Tourism and Hospitality Study Tour is a yearly international study tour which enables participating students to collect first-hand and real-world experience in prominent tourism destinations. Students gain insight into the operation of important attraction points and get to discuss face-to-face with tourism and hospitality providers. Usually, students also have the opportunity to work on an industry-supported project in the destination country. Past and current projects included working on geotourism with the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Foundation in the world-famous Dolomites mountains in Italy or working with the Apsara Authority in Cambodia to improve the visitation experience at Angkor Wat, the biggest religious complex in the World.
Students majoring in Tourism and Hospitality are given priority, but other students may be able to participate as well.

Contact: Michael Volgger,

Tax Study Tour - Curtin Law School

The International Tax Study Tour is offered on a bi-annual basis and allows students and experienced taxation lecturers to travel to various countries throughout the world and to explore their taxation systems. This allows for an in-depth comparison of the world taxation systems in particular with a comparison to that of the Australia Taxation System. The countries vary each study tour but since its inception, the tour has travelled to London, Paris, Rome, Denmark, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgium and the USA. The benefits to students are not also the educational aspects of the study tour but to share their passion of learning with a group of like-minded students. The study tour runs in the semester break in July and travel is for approximately 30 days and is a 25 point credit unit.

Contact: Annette Morgan,

China Business Study Tour

Available to Curtin MBA students, Curtin MBA alumni and Curtin Ignition alumni – Read more

Ghent Law Study Tour - Curtin Law School

Available to Curtin Law students – Read more

Students on the Malaysia Study Tour in 2019

“I had never heard of Miri before the tour and wasn’t sure what to expect, but can say that it was definitely the highlight of my degree. We got to trek through the jungle, climb through caves and stay in a traditional longhouse with the Iban tribe. The staff from the Miri campus were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their disciplines, and arranged for us to visit local businesses such as an agro-forestry farm and Miri Council Green Hub. We ate some amazing food at the markets and experienced the culture first hand by taking a Batik painting class. Miri is not touristy at all so you can be sure to have real experience. There’s also a great bar called Ming’s! Mix in a legendary group, and I can say that these are memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

– Marcus Sharp,
International Business & International Relations
Malaysia Study Tour 2019

Study abroad short courses with a non-partner institution

Have you found a course you’d like to do at a non-partner institution? This includes many universities in China, such as Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Summer and Winter programs, and the Beijing Institute of Technology’s (BIT) ACCP programs. If so, please complete an application to see if your course will qualify for credit towards your degree.