Student experience

Studying at the Faculty of Business and Law is about more than a degree. We’re all about providing an experience beyond the classroom that is vibrant, engaging and value-adding. We work with our students to provide additional services and experiences, from your first day at uni, until the day you hold that degree in your hand! We will help you explore new horizons, develop new skills and make lifelong memories along the way.

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Connect with Industry

Our Industry Connect team bridge the gap between the classroom and the workforce, helping you increase your professional prospects through internships, networking events, training sessions and guest lectures.

Through our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, undertake the Business Internship elective unit and work on a real-world project related to your area of study. Not only does a business internship give you credit towards your degree, it will also give you industry experience and practical skills that could make you more valuable to employers.

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International exposure

The Faculty of Business and Law partners with institutions from all over the world, providing students the opportunity to have a truly global educational experience. A diverse range of short-term international mobility courses, semester or year-long exchanges and international internships are available – with something to suit all areas of study.

Research studies have shown that international experience leads to increased creativity, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills – all attributes that are highly valued in the workplace and translate into more employment opportunities.

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Build your networks – get involved! 

Join a student club or society and build your networks with other students, academics, industry and the community. Engage and connect with those who share your interests! It’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy your university experience.

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Academic support

A unique service for students in the Faculty of Business and Law is access to Academic Communication Development. This includes resources to help you identify ways to improve your academic writing language such as PELA diagnostic testing, SUCCESS and Advanced SUCCESS classes, Chicago 16 referencing workshops and embedded unit support. Effectively demonstrating what you know, thinking critically and communicating your ideas clearly are key requirements for business students therefore our aim is to support you as you develop these skills throughout your course.

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