Strategic Human Resources students impress industry

Postgraduate students in Dr Amy Tian’s Strategic Human Resources class impressed a group of industry partners with the presentations from their group project assessment on Wednesday 30 May 2018.

Students were required to work in groups with an industry partner on a chosen research topic relating to human resource issues. This year’s topics included diversity management and unacceptable workplace behaviours. The presentations were the culmination of this research and were very well received. One partner commented that “this is a Deloitte quality PowerPoint and presentation. This has changed my perception of what a student group is able to provide.” Another commended students for their insights and recommendations, despite limited resources, and noted the feedback would be taken on board.

Testament to the commitment of the students and Amy alike, one student has commenced an internship with one industry partner as the result of his hard work and the professionalism.

Congratulations to Amy for preparing her students to be engage with industry in their careers after Curtin.