Tourism, Hospitality and Events

The increasing significance of the tourism, hospitality and events industry has resulted in a rich program of research at Curtin Business School that offers new opportunities for both industry collaboration and higher degree by research study.

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Working both in Australia and internationally, Curtin Business School’s researchers in this field are contributing towards building a body of knowledge around sustainable development, tourist behaviour and visitor experiences, destination governance, event and hospitality, volunteering, inter-cultural issues in tourism, product development, food and wine tourism, authenticity and wellness tourism. The group is currently consolidating its research direction to focus specifically on developing Aboriginal tourism in Australia.

Much of this research takes place in partnership with local and state governments, with peak tourism bodies and the industry. It aims to assist with marketing, planning, development, management and policy to support the long-term sustainability of resources.

Cutting across most research in this area is an overarching interest in regional development, given that much tourism activity is regionally based, and can have a profound effect on communities. Ensuring that local communities benefit from tourism is detrimental. In addition, because of the vital role played by strategic marketing and communications in either building a particular tourism destination or in managing environmentally fragile areas, researchers affiliated with this research program are also developing robust methodologies for measuring customer satisfaction in recreational tourist destinations, and for determining the value of nature-based assets.

Tourism Research Cluster

The Tourism Research Cluster (TRC) increases Curtin’s tourism research capability by providing a framework for the skills, expertise and resources of researchers to be shared, increasing opportunities for collaboration and building on the strengths of Curtin’s well-established multidisciplinary approach to tourism research.

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