Public Policy and Finance

A long-time focus on the public sector has resulted in Curtin Business School being highly regarded as a national research leader around a number of key issues of importance to federal, state and local governments. As such, this field offers broad scope and opportunity for higher degree by research study.

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Accounting and Finance researchers in this Research Program have expertise in the field of management accounting, performance management and performance measurement as it relates to accountability and compliance for local government and public sector entities. Using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, projects have included partnerships with local government for the purposes of infrastructure review – in particular, the valuation and depreciation of infrastructure; reviews of police departments, looking at their performance indicators and measurement systems; and audits – both internal and external – of state government agencies.

Staff from this area undertake research for a range of clients from both public and not-for-profit sectors, including federal and state government departments. The Program’s applied research makes important contributions to theoretical understanding, with JCIPP also providing high-quality executive education programs.

Case studies:

Local Government reporting of infrastructure

John Curtin Institute of Public Policy

The John Curtin Institute of Public Policy (JCIPP) is a key hub of expertise within this Research Program and has a focus on public policy and management. In addition to research and teaching, the Institute plays a vital role in the generation of public discussion.

JCIPP adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on theory and practice from political science, economics, sociology, anthropology and management. Their work encompasses two complementary aspects of public policy: structural public policy, dealing with the structures, processes and operations of the public sector – and includes issues such as inter-governmental relations (particularly federalism), public administration, public sector management, regulation, benchmarking and program evaluation; and applied public policy, dealing with particular areas of public policy debate, development and formulation – such as welfare, education, labour markets and skills, and regional development.

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