Logistics and Supply Chains

Logistics and supply chains are an important area of business, and this Research Program aims to develop innovative approaches around the speed and efficiency with which companies source raw materials, produce goods and deliver finished products to market. Increasingly, research addresses the technical complexities of distribution in the context of the globalisation of markets.

Logistics and Supply Chains

This Research Program at Curtin Business School covers a rich diversity of topics and approaches including strategic procurement, supply chain network analysis and economics, operations management and education. Specific topics of interest include sustainable regional supply chains, supply chain infrastructures, logistics technologies, health and safety in logistics, and both lean and green management systems.

The research is undertaken across a myriad of industries and sectors, for example the agricultural, mining, car manufacturing and aerospace industries. Much of the study in the area also has international breadth, with many international research students analysing industries or models used in their home countries.

Because of the increasing application of advanced technological innovation to logistics and supply chains, researchers bring a strong background in information technology and information systems, including automated assessment technologies. Methodologies include structural equation modelling, dynamic meta-network and assessment analysis, supply chain economics frameworks, sentiment analysis, simulation, mathematical optimisation and meta-heuristics.

Research in this area focuses on both the operational and strategic levels of supply chain management – from sourcing good quality raw materials in a timely manner to better understanding what it takes for supplier to meet company’s needs, as well as managing relationship effectively. Topics such as risk to, and resilience of, supply chains form a key sub-area.

With capacity to accommodate a large cohort of higher degree by research students, this Research Program has a proven track record for innovative and analytic thinking, high-quality publishing, and research training. The Research Program tends to attract research students with backgrounds in logistics and supply chain management, operations research, computer science and/or mathematics.