Human Capital and Resources Management

Researchers in the human resources discipline at the School of Management examines verities of issues in relation to human resource development and management.

human capital

Specific topics include: expatriate management in emerging market multinationals, international human resource development, global mobility management, global leadership development, global human capital development and talent management, and the international mobile professional; career advancement, mobility, networks and global business expansion; space, spatiality and flexible work practices; self-initiated and self-directed Expatriation; human resource management (HRM) practices and work-related attitudes and behaviours of employees and organisational performance; HRM and knowledge management processes at the individual and organisational level; HRM and multiculturalism at work; contingent employment arrangements: development, consequences; work, technology and new employment arrangements; workplace partnerships and consultation; equal opportunity and diversity management in the workplace; job quality and well-being  of different employment arrangements; flexible working practices and the reorganisation of social and spatial relations; issues in professional flex working and the future of work; ethical human resource management and the professionalisation of HRM, career transitions of professionals.

Future of Work Institute
The Future of Work Institute (FoWI) promotes productive and meaningful work as essential foundations of a healthy economy and society. FoWI’s researchers focus on how people contribute to and benefit from new knowledge and practices, and their mission is to support thriving people and organisations in the digital age.

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