Health Economics and Resources

The Economics & Resources theme brings together a suite of researchers in the broad area(s) of Health Economics and Resources. Health Economics is a wide area, falling importantly into one of the key University’s research areas, of “Health”.

A calculator next to a stethoscope

The research team brings together a broad spectrum of academics working in the general area of health economics including: health econometrics; empirical models of health; the analysis of Big Data; health outcomes in developing economies; the determinants of health; economic evaluation; health outcome measurement; experimental economics; and so on. Members of the research team already have a strong history of collaborations, evidenced by joint publications and grant applications.

Members of this theme have particular expertise in the econometric analysis of administrative and survey datasets, methods to value the benefits of health interventions and evaluate complex health and social care programs. The group meets regularly for presentations of modern empirical methods and discussions of methodological issues in ongoing research projects. The group is also a forum to facilitate the development of research ideas and welcomes researchers from other fields interested in applied econometrics.