Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises

The researchers in the international business discipline at the School of Management conduct research on the theoretical and practical insights of various aspects in the main stream of international business strategy and management with a specific focus on the foreign direct investment (FDI) and multinational enterprise (MNE) into and from emerging developing countries such as China and India, and the impact of FDI and MNEs’ operations on host-country firms, society, and environments.


Typical research topics include decisions and strategies on entry modes choice and FDI location choice; liability of foreignness and liability of localness; managerial global mindset and FDI decision making and implementation, knowledge learning and transfer in international joint ventures and in global buyer – local supplier networks; headquarters-subsidiary relations, and international and national institutions and management and performance of emerging country MNEs; managerial and organisational dynamic capabilities and internationalisation decisions and strategies of firms; political ideologies, social responsibilities and social responsiveness of MNEs and performance of subsidiary performance.