Development Economics

Research in development is multidisciplinary. It involves research concerning the processes of development, including challenges of social, economic and political development, and poverty alleviation.  Development research examines change in developing countries and analyses the nature of policies and relationships at domestic, national and international levels, and how these policies and relationships have shaped the economy.

Wind turbines in a field

The research theme also addresses issues in environmental sustainability, food and health security, agriculture, disaster risk management, international assistance, international trade relations, globalisation, economic integration, technology, gender inequity, migration and other significant issues impacting development.

Our researchers continue to identify and investigate key issues and challenges facing developing economies. Recent major projects include:

  • Evaluating technological catch-up and identifying constraints faced by China
  • Forecasting China’s economic growth to 2030
  • Identifying new sources of growth after the mining boom: an application of new structural economics on resource abundant regions
  • Incorporation of gender into climate-resilient crop-livestock systems research to accelerate food security in Africa
  • Linking smallholder vegetable producers in the Philippines to higher value markets
  • Pro-poor sustainable economic development: capacity building for Mongolian national and local government officials
  • Using ICTs to enhance adoption of new agricultural technologies and innovations in South Asia
  • Sustainable and resilient farming systems intensification in the eastern Gangetic Plains
  • School, Lifetime Prospects and the Role of the Transition from School to Work in Indonesia
  • Modelling Policy Responses to Climate Change: Implications for Sustainable Growth and Development  the Philippines
  • Australia-China Trade and Investment in a Carbon-Constrained Global Economy
  • Building and Validating a Halal Trade Model: Uncovering the Economic Potential of Malaysian Halal Market

Research in this program has been funded by a wide range of partners, including governments, aid agencies and international organisations. Partners include:

  • AusAID
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Australia-China Council, Government of Australia
  • Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Government of Malaysia
  • International Livestock Research Institute
  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
  • The World Bank