Critical Management Studies

Critical management studies is an emerging research theme in the School of Management.  It connects theory to practice through challenging prevailing conventional ideas about management, organisations and performances.

critical management studies

The researchers in this group engage in multifaceted research focusing on effective and efficient institutional management and functioning in large, medium and small institutions. This embraces, but are not limited to, leadership and the evolving practice of management, contemporary and future managerial challenges which include navigating continuous change (internal organisational and external environments), remaining innovative, strategic and ethical; and responding effectively to emergent environmental issues (including corporate governance, CSR, sustainability).

Specific research topics include: the micro foundations of strategic decisions and the macro performance; the effects of stretch goals on organisational performance through mediating mechanisms such as risk taking and goal commitment; the interactive effects of organisational controls and goal importance on organisational performance through the lens of control theory; organisational challenges and mechanisms in relations to globalisation and changing relationship between business and society on projects relating to global value chain, and social relations at work; organisational learning and innovations; politics of representations in knowledge formation in the context of management and organisational studies; social capital/stakeholder engagement, social responsibility and organisational performance.