Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability includes economic viability, environmental integrity, and social responsiveness. These include programs, processes, activities, and products that enable organizations not only to deliver long-term economic or financially-beneficial returns, but improvements in environmental and social systems.

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Research in this area spans across corporate, public and community sectors and aims to align business and performance strategy with financial, organisational, social, and environmental goals that, collectively, are included in the concept of integrated business performance.

Specific research focus includes topics such as reviewing, analysing and assisting with the development of frameworks and appropriate key performance indicators for corporate governance, as well as for social and environmental reporting; determining suitable governance policies, especially for the public and not-for-profit sectors; and building strategies for stakeholder engagement and sustainable corporate community investment, including sustainable return on investment.

Research methodologies are both quantitative and qualitative, and engage – amongst others –field case studies, participatory action research, institutional analytical frameworks, stakeholder theoretical approaches, legitimacy theoretical approaches and systems oriented frameworks. CSR and sustainability is a dynamic and relevant field of study for prospective higher degree by research students wishing to contribute to current discussion on this topic.