Communication and Media Effectiveness

Changes in technology have created seismic shifts in how brands communicate. The explosive growth of social media has enabled brands and stakeholders to interact in new ways. Today, connection and co-creation are integral elements of brand communication. Innovation through co-creation is considered an integral strategy. Technology has had other impacts too – turbo-charging consumer empowerment, redefining linguistics in business and the language of visual communication. In this ever-changing environment, corporations, the public sector and non-profit organisations need to understand how best to maximise their communication effectiveness.

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Within the context of these broad changes in technology and consumer behaviour, the Communication and Media Effectiveness Research Group is conducting research in a number of key areas; co-created brand meaning, engagement behaviour in online communities, consumer to consumer influence, consumer empowerment, communication authenticity, digital advertising regulation and online information credibility. The Research Group is addressing these issues, using innovative methods such as discourse analysis, visual analysis, storytelling and archetype analysis. We currently train several Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students, and invite further applications. We aim to publish our research in high impact international journals.