Programs of Research

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The Faculty of Business and Law conducts exceptional research aimed at finding solutions to local, national and global problems. Excellence in academic research is of key importance to us, but we also strive to be translators – making sure practitioners can use and benefit from our work.

The Faculty of Business and Law invites you to find out how our leading researchers can help you with your business challenges and HDR supervision within our key research areas.

Our main areas of research are focussed on:

  • How organisations can plan for the future of work and the workplaces of tomorrow
  • Developing evidence-informed economic and social policy
  • Understanding how brands can better engage with consumers
  • Ensuring a sustainable housing future for Australians
  • Identifying ways organisations can improve their governance, financial systems and sustainability
  • The sustainable development of tourism in Australia and around the world
  • Blockchain and digital disruption
  • Innovation in higher education.