Programs of Research

The Faculty of Business and Law invites you to find out how our leading researchers can help you with your business challenges and HDR supervision within the following key research programs:

Accounting Education

Providing innovating responses to industry challenges through transnational teaching innovation, experiential learning, quality assurance in assessment, international student experience and technology.

Applied Law, Taxation and Regulation

Analysing legal issues and frameworks to provide pragmatic benefit for business, government and the community.

Big Data

Developing ways to explore and manage the increasing size and complexity of data.

Communication and Media Effectiveness

Understanding messages and media that work to move a given audience towards a desired action.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Exploring economic viability, environmental integrity and social responsiveness to enable organisations to deliver long-term economic or financially-beneficial returns and to improve environmental and social systems.

Critical Management Studies

Connecting theory to practice by challenging conventional ideas on management, organisations and performance.

Customer Experience

Exploring the increasing competition in the marketplace and rapidly changing customer demands and expectations, to assist firms to create and deliver better value for customers.

Development Economics


Examining the process of development and change in countries by analysing policies and relationships at domestic, national and international levels and how they have shaped the economy

Empirical Finance

Focusing on high quality empirical work in asset pricing, corporate finance, quantitative finance and behavioural finance.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Identifying ways to improve the process of entrepreneurship and innovation and exploring the effects of these improvements on business outcomes.

Financial Reporting Quality and Capital Markets

Examining firm-level and country-level corporate governance, financial reporting, earnings management and audit quality.

Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises


Exploring the theoretical and practical insights of mainstream international business strategy and management


Undertaking economic and policy analysis of housing and urban development.

Human Capital and Resources Management

Examining strategic and international people management and employee performance and wellbeing.

Labour Markets

Examining labour economics, Indigenous employment and training, workforce mobility and labour market forecasting.

Logistics and Supply Chains

Transforming supply chains and modelling and solving issues in the movement of goods and people.

Luxury Branding


Developing strategies and initiatives to improve the performance of luxury and emerging brands.

Management Strategy and Decision Making

Developing strategies that are robust and feasible and identifying processes to help decision makers generate sustainable decisions.

Public Policy and Finance


Analysing public sector finance, governance, reform, service delivery and cross-government collaboration.

Tourism, Hospitality and Events


Exploring the business of sustainable tourism and health and well-being tourism destinations.