CBS-DuPont Innovation Debate 2017

The Curtin Business School and DuPont Australia Pty. Ltd invite you to the CBS-DuPont Innovation Debate 2017

This lively debate is expected to challenge and inform your thinking on the role of innovation in organisations, the effect of implementing innovative cultures and how it might be facilitated.

The debate will be held at the Curtin Graduate School of Business at 5.30pm on Thursday 17 August 2017.

CBS-DuPont Innovation Debate 2017

Today’s continuous digital disruptions, changes in the socio-economic trends and shifting political landscapes, are driving organisations to continually innovate to stay competitive.

Innovation is seen as critical to organisational performance and it has been argued with the right approach and tools, organisations can design and implement a culture of innovation. But are we overstating the attainability of embedding innovation within the organisation?

We hope the debate will stimulate discussion and meaningful conversation between the debate teams and audience alike.

We look forward to unscrambling the innovation puzzle with you!

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