23rd Australasian Teaching Economics Conference 2018

Keeping Economics Relevant to Students in a Changing World

Lecturer guiding students in study group

The objectives of the Australasian Teaching Economics Conference (ATEC) are to promote better teaching in economics and other business disciplines, and to provide a forum for discussion and critical analysis of measures to enhance teaching quality in these fields at both tertiary and secondary levels. The conference is concerned with teaching methods and the design of economics curricula, as well as educational policy and management as they bear upon economics and business education.

The 23rd Australasian Teaching Economics Conference will be held at Curtin University in Perth on Thursday 12 July and Friday 13 July, 2018. The conference theme this year is Keeping Economics Relevant to Students in a Changing World.

The decline in the proportion of students, and especially young women, undertaking an economics degree or studying economics is well documented both in Australia and in various other country contexts. Numerous explanations have been offered for this trend.  Some point to economists’ failure to predict or prevent the GFC, whilst others cite the absence of a financial crisis as a possible cause.  A common theme in the extant literature is that many students do not perceive economics as relevant to real-world issues. However, the discipline’s relatively slow rate of adoption of cooperative and other ‘less traditional’ learning techniques has also been noted.

As economics educators, how can we best inspire students to be more passionate about economics? Part of the challenge is to develop and deliver materials, including case studies, that highlight the relevance of economics to current (and historic) phenomena. There are also challenges involved in selecting from, and making effective use of, an increasingly large set of non-traditional teaching methods.

The conference aims to facilitate critical reflection on how best to encourage students to study economics and on how to engage existing students of economics. The conference will also canvass a broader range of topics and will consider papers relevant to any area of economics or business education.

We hope you will join us for the conference.

Andrew Brennan
Chair, ATEC 2018 Organising Committee

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We’d like to thanks the Economic Society of Australia WA Branch for their generous contribution to the facilitation of the ATEC 2018 Conference.