Curtin Law School

The conference theme is ‘Beyond Sole Ownership’.

The conference will commence with a reception in the evening of Tuesday 26th September 2017. Keynote presentations and research streams will be scheduled on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September 2017. The conference will be held at Curtin St Georges Terrace (139 St Georges Terrace, Perth ) and the Curtin Law School (57 Murray St, Perth). The post-conference workshop, Sharing Property: a Multidisciplinary Workshop is scheduled for Friday 29 September 2017 at Curtin St Georges Terrace.

Professor Singer notes:

 Many issues fundamental to property law systems require attention to the norms, values, and ways of life that a society embraces…The problem is not just how to grease the wheels of social interaction; the problem is how to determine the character of that interaction. Value choices must be made to determine what property rights can be created, how many owners we should have, who can become an owner, how long rights last, and what obligations owners should have.[1]

 The conference theme encourages discussion of the evolution of existing and emerging property rights, the nature of resultant interests and the impact of upon ‘traditional’ conceptions of property law.  In so doing the conference will consider the perceived ‘disconnect’ between the often exclusionary nature of property law and contemporary political, economic and societal expectation.

The conference theme is intended to encompass new developments and emerging areas in real and personal property law. Topics may include the following:

  • Individual and collective decision making with regard to property;
  • Reconsidering the commons;
  • Strata and community property;
  • Relationships between present and subsequent interests in property;
  • Enduring property relationships;
  • The influence of developing theories of property, including Progressive Property, and the impact on property discourse;
  • Accommodation across generations;
  • The changing nature of personal property;
  • Protecting personal property.


[1] Joseph William Singer, Property as the Law of Democracy, 63 Duke Law Journal 1287-1335 (2014)