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NCSEHE Advisory Board

The NCSEHE Advisory Board held its first 2018 meeting in March and the Federal budget announcements confirmed maintain the momentum with continued Higher Education Participation and Partnership (HEPPP) funding and targeted regional assistance for people to study higher education.

New NCSEHE Research Fellow 

During 2018, NCSEHE Research Fellow Maria Raciti (Associate Professor in Marketing in the School of Business, University of the Sunshine Coast) will conduct a high-profile, targeted research project on how the perceived risks of going to university influence the decision by people from low SES backgrounds to participate in Australian higher education. Read more information on the Research Fellowship project here.

NCSEHE 2018 Visiting Fellow 

Professor Sally Kift (President of the Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows) visited the Centre in May 2018, conducting collaborative project work with the NCSEHE team, and presenting a seminar on ‘Maintaining the Momentum: Transition Pedagogy to sustain Widening Participation and Student Success’. The seminar attracted 35 participants, and those who were unable to attend are able to access the presentation slides and audio on the NCSEHE website.

NCSEHE Events and current research 

The first meeting of the Equity Research and Innovation Panel was held in Canberra on 22 May 2018 to which NCSEHE Director Sue Trinidad is a member. This national Panel will provide strategic advice to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training on Australian Government-funded research and trials concerning student equity in higher education conducted under the National Priorities Pool component of the HEPPP.

The NCSEHE research team are currently working on a number of nationally commissioned projects as a part of the 2017-2018 National Priorities Pool funded projects including the Economies of scale in supporting low SES and other disadvantaged students with RMIT and with Curtin researchers on the Publication of National Priorities Pool research and the Australian Higher Education Equity Ranking project.

Individual case studies from the NCSEHE ‘My Story: Student Voice’ series—featuring the personal accounts of Australian students who are pursuing higher education despite disadvantages (low SES, Indigenous, mature age, regional etc.)—will be included on the myfuture website nationally.

NCSEHE Director Sue Trinidad and Senior Research Fellow Nadine Zacharias met with Julia Richardson and John Phillimore for a discussion about the future of work and careers. Nadine has run a number of very successful think tank workshops during 2017/18 and conducted corresponding webinars alongside expert panel members. The NCSEHE Building Legacy and Capacity Project included a workshop and webinar on ‘Career development for students in low SES and regional/remote high schools’, informing a Summary of Outcomes and Recommendations publication.

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