City campus units

In 2021, the following units will be taught at 57 Murray Street, Perth:

Trimester 1

Unit CodeUnit Title
CONS2000Constitutional Law
LAWS3003Employment Law
CRIM2000Fundamentals of Criminal Law
LAWS3000Intellectual Property
LAWS3016Principles of Australian Taxation Law
LAWS2000Property Law Principles
LAWS2009Statutory Interpretation
LAWS2011Legal Internship
LAWS3005Legal Clinic

Trimester 2

Unit CodeUnit Title
LAWS2002Administrative Law
LAWS3018Consumer Law and Policy
LAWS3002Corporate Governance (condensed in 6 weeks)
CRIM2001Criminal Responsibility and Procedures
LAWS2001Real Property Law
LAWS3014Human Rights Law (condensed in 6 weeks)
LAWS2011Legal Internship
LAWS3004Competition Law and Policy
LAWS3017Advanced Legal Research
LAWS3024Special Topics in Law (Ghent) - TBC
LAWS3005Legal Clinic
LAWS3001International Commercial Law/WTO Law - TBC

Trimester 3

Unit CodeUnit Title
LAWS3017Advanced Legal Research
LAWS3009Civil Procedure
LAWS2005Corporate Law
FAMI2000Family Law
LAWS3023Forensic Advocacy (Intensive TBC)
BLAW3009Mining and Petroleum Law (Intensive TBC)
LAWS2003Principles of Equity
BLAW3014 Professional Responsibility
LAWS3005Legal Clinic
BLAW3011Native Title Law and Policy (TBC)
LAWS2011Legal Internship

Further Information

Note: The units listed may be subject to change. If you need more course information, you may contact Student Services via