Program schedule

Students in a boardroom
Day 1 
9 – 9.15amWelcome
9.15 – 10.15amThe talent ecosystem - While talent management has been a strategic focus for businesses over the past 25 years, the thinking around talent management needs updating. In this session, Associate Professor Steve McKenna outlines the talent ecosystem and share practical ideas about how organisations can build a talent system that sees talent as a collective enterprise where ‘talent is everywhere’.
10.15 – 11.15amInnovation in Australia: forging ahead or falling behind? - Australia has ambitions to become a top-tier innovation country. However, according to the 2019 Global Innovation Index, Australia ranks outside the world’s 20 most innovative countries. In this session, Associate Professor Jeremy Galbreath explores innovation in its many facets and maps out ways in which firms in Australia can lift their innovation capacity.
11.15am – 12.15pmApplying economics tools to the property market - Economics provides an important framework for understanding the ‘ups and downs’ of the business cycle, evaluating government policies and developing solutions to economic and social issues. In this workshop, Professor Rachel Ong ViforJ shares insights into how economists think. Using the property market as a case study, she demonstrates how key economic tools can be used to explain the links between business cycles and property market cycles, and unpacks the causes of housing affordability problems in Australia.
12.15 – 1pmLunch
1 – 2pmDecision-making in today’s world - Today’s leaders are dealing with complexity in many forms, making it difficult to pursue sustainable solutions to business problems. In this session, Professor Fran Ackermann outlines how VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is affecting business decisions and shares methods for managing complexity.
2 – 3pmLaw for executives - Position yourself in the diverse world of contract law, workplace safety law, negligence and other business laws. Dr Garry Claxton guides you through different case studies that provide theoretical and practical knowledge to help you interpret relevant laws correctly.
3 - 4pmNegotiations in the ever-changing workplace - Rapidly advancing technology, globalisation, and a changing work demographic means employers must become more agile and proactive.
In this session, Dr Eileen Aitken-Fox explores new approaches to negotiation and how to have ‘difficult’ conversations in the workplace. She touches on workplace consultation obligations, and how these can be both timely and effective.
You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your own negotiation expertise.

Day 2 
9 – 10amLeading high-performing teams - Teamwork is present in much of work we do yet many dislike it, avoid it or fail to embrace the benefits of teams. In this workshop, Dr Dorothy Wardale explores the characteristics of highly effective teams, how to maximise performance and overcome dysfunctions, giving you new insights into successfully leading a high-performing team.
10 – 11amDigital marketing and social media analytics - In the era of digital innovation, the knowledge and skills of digital marketing and big data analytics are critical to the success of a business. In this session, Dr Mingming Cheng gives an overview of social media analytics and demonstrates how they drive insights into consumer behaviour and inform digital marketing strategies.
11 – 11.30amMorning tea
11.30am – 12.30pmHow sustainability impacts financial accountability - In today’s world, organisations have had to become more accountable for their sustainability practices and how they impact communities. In this session, Associate Professor Anna Lee Rowe highlights how sustainability and environmental, social and governance factors contribute to long-term financial performance.
12.30 – 1.30pmRecruiting the best staff for today’s organisations - Choosing who to invite to join your organisation can be problematic, with poor choices having negative consequences for your business. Now, big data and machine learning can make the recruitment and selection process easier. In this session, Associate Professor Patrick Dunlop provides an overview of personnel selection and using new technology to assist in making assessments.
1.30 – 3pmClose: networking and refreshments