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Brad Birt

Brad Birt works with teams to identify high-value opportunities and effective ways of realising that value.

His career spans start-ups, management consulting, and public value organisations in Australia and Canada. More often than not he works in stakeholder-rich regulated environments, among them: legal services public safety, healthcare and higher education.

Brad joined Curtin as Director, Learning Partnerships in 2018. Prior to this he was Director, Product & Service Strategy for a regulator of technical equipment and systems, and Non-Executive Director of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police. He has co-founded new ventures and advised start-ups. Brad is pursuing a PhD that explores the nature of entrepreneurial wisdom in navigating uncertainty.

Dorothy Wardale

Associate Professor Dorothy Wardale is the MBA Director at Curtin University. She has had a portfolio career working as an academic, consulting to businesses and as chair and member to various boards.

Dorothy has extensive experience designing, delivering and evaluating education and training programs with universities, government, mining and resources sector, healthcare, and the construction industry. These services have included curriculum development, high-level services in executive coaching, facilitation, strategic planning and organisational change management, and reviews. Dorothy delivered nationally accredited programs such as Train the Trainer for many years. She has been responsible for facilitating and mediating high level and complex meetings and significant organisational change projects including people performance, communication and influencing skills, workforce and leadership development and innovation.

She also has a passion for education and development that delivers exceptional results. Dorothy is currently one of the Governor’s appointments to the State Library Board of WA.

Amy Tian

Associate Professor Amy Tian, works at the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin Business School.

Prior to joining Curtin University, she worked at University of Western Australia and Cardiff University (UK). In addition, she has been a visiting scholar at universities in the People’s Republic of China, Germany, UK, and US.

Her research is multidisciplinary and her main areas of research include human resource management, knowledge transfer, leadership, and multiculturalism. A key theme throughout her work is how to promote positive employee work-related outcomes and organisational performance. Her work has been published in international top tier academic journals and practitioner-oriented publishing outlets such as Harvard Business Review, where she has been recognised for her expertise in HRM, leadership, and knowledge transfer. Amy has also received multiple scholarly and teaching awards.