Offshore decommissioning

A CBS Executive Education Masterclass

Offshore Jack Up Rig in The Middle of The Sea

Learn all aspects of decommissioning of offshore facilities from global leaders in the field.

In this masterclass, you’ll rapidly upskill your knowledge of offshore decommissioning in Australia, and delve deeply into the legal requirements and the processes involved. You’ll also look at the restoration processes and factors to consider during planning.

You’ll study nine 1.5-hour modules online in your own time over the course of four weeks, followed by a half-day face-to-face session, which includes expert presentations and a panel discussion with the opportunity to ask questions and network.

The masterclass will be delivered by Curtin Business School and the Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre with industry experts, ensuring you’re learning the latest insights, evidence-based research and data, and gain expertise in global best practice.

When you complete this course, you can choose to study further, and will receive 10 credit points towards Curtin’s flagship MBA, Graduate Certificate in Business, Graduate Diploma in Business or MBA (Advanced).

Program details

You can access the nine 1.5-hour pre-recorded modules on demand at a time most convenient to you, and can re-engage with content several times. The final session is face-to-face and runs for 4.5 hours.

Dates: Thursday 25 February 2021 to Tuesday 30 March 2021


  • Online modules: studied on demand via Canvas
  • Face-to-face session: Tuesday 30 March, 9am to 1.30pm

Where: 137 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000 (map)

General public: $899
Curtin staff, students and alumni: $799

Key takeaways

After completing this masterclass, you’ll have a broader understanding of:

  • The legislative and regulatory requirements for decommissioning oil and gas offshore facilities in Commonwealth and State waters
  • Australia’s international obligations
  • The workflow process and planning for decommissioning
  • The economic theory behind ceasing production
  • Options for decommissioning facilities, subsea structures and pipelines
  • Cleanliness levels and waste management
  • Well construction and different types of wells
  • Technical requirements and options for well decommissioning.

Who is this program for?

This masterclass is ideal for industry professionals in the oil and gas sector who want to learn more about technical and legislative requirements, and gain a thorough knowledge of practical aspects of decommissioning offshore facilities and wells in Western Australia. Curtin students or recent graduates are also encouraged to attend.

Program schedule

Week 1

TimeTitle Facilitator
Module 1Introduction Claus Otto, Stuart Higgins, Ineke Reyboz and Dean Stewart
Law and regulation for decommissioning – parts 1-4Ineke Reyboz
Module 2Law and regulation for decommissioning – parts 1-4 (cont.)Ineke Reyboz
Law and regulation for decommissioning – part 5 Ineke Reyboz

Week 2

TimeTitle Facilitator
Module 3Estimating and accounting for decommissioning liabilitiesDean Stewart, Ineke Reyboz, Dr Roberto Aguilera and Professor Grantley Taylor
Decommissioning workflow Dean Stewart
Module 4Comparative assessmentDean Stewart and Ineke Reyboz

Week 3

TimeTitle Facilitator
Module 5Waste managementDean Stewart
Technical removal methodsDean Stewart
Module 6Technical removal methods (cont.)Dean Stewart

Week 4

TimeTitle Facilitator
Module 7Global well decommissioning, cost estimate accuracy and cost optimisationChristopher Murphy
Module 8Well decommissioning principles and regulations.
Cap rock restoration and rigless well decommissioning on land/platforms and subsea
Christopher Murphy
Module 9Well decommissioning best practices and cost reduction opportunitiesChristopher Murphy

Face-to-face session

TimeTitle Facilitator
Tuesday 30 March 2021
9am – 1:30pm
Presentation from operators and regulator, case studies, discussions and networkingAll

About the facilitators

Mr Dean Stewart is an engineering manager and executive with 30+ years’ experience in the oil and gas industry covering all aspects from consulting, contracting to managing operating/non-operating oil and gas companies in key leadership roles. At present, Dean works as an independent consultant focusing on decommissioning with expertise in decommissioning programme management, technical evaluation of decommissioning options, comparative analysis, commercial/economic evaluations, and regulatory compliance.
His recent achievements include the technical management of multiple aging North-West Shelf assets as a non-operating foreign National Oil Company based in Perth, Australia. This involved the evaluation of the economic life and regulatory decommissioning requirements along with detailed technical assessment and scoping of the decommissioning execution strategies and comparative assessment evaluations.
Professor Grantley Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Adelaide, a Bachelor of Economics from University of New England and a PhD in accounting from Curtin University.
From 1990 to 2003, he worked in the mining industry where he was in charge of multi-million dollar exploration and advanced resource projects. From 2003 to 2006, he worked in the Energy and Resources sector at the Australian Taxation Office. In 2006, he joined Curtin University where he conducts research in the areas of international tax avoidance, sustainability, governance, and capital markets.
Mr Christopher Murphy has over 41 years experience in the oil and gas business and has extensive knowledge of well construction and decommissioning, and small offshore facilities decommissioning. Christopher was previously the Head of Wells and Production Technology for British Gas and Vice President – Global Marine Solutions for Wild Well Control. The latter position saw him personally involved with over 400 well decommissioning projects and 60 small platform decommissioning operations principally in the Gulf of Mexico. Christopher graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Mining Engineering from Leeds University, UK in 1979, and is a co-author of a US patent for the Annulus cementing tool for subsea abandonment operation.
Dr Roberto F. Aguilera is an Energy Economist with Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre and a consultant with Servipetrol Ltd, Canada. He was a Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Lecturer on oil prices in 2018-2019. From 2013-2017, he was an analyst with the OPEC Secretariat, Vienna, where he was a co-author of their annual World Oil Outlook.

He holds PhD and master degrees from Colorado School of Mines and has participated in numerous energy studies, including with the World Petroleum Council, German Institute for Economic Research and US National Petroleum Council. His publication record comprises The Price of Oil, a book published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.

Dr Stuart Higgins is the Deputy Director of the Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, delivering industry based research with a focus on decommissioning and as well as delivering the Master of Subsea Engineering and MSc (Global Subsea) programs.

Stuart’s professional career has spanned 25+ years with Oil & Gas Operator specific field development expertise spanning appraise, select, FEED, execute, operate and decommissioning phases covering multiple asset types and international regions. Developments have included subsea, pipeline, fixed and floating deep water greenfield and brownfield assets from Mauritania, Mediterranean, North West Shelf, Browse basin and the Gulf of Mexico. He has a Bachelor in Engineering and PhD from Monash University.

Ms Ineke Reyboz has over 25 years energy experience in heavy fabrication, subsea construction projects, salvage and removal projects, asset operations and supply chain at ConocoPhillips, and with global engineering and offshore construction companies. In Australia, Ineke was the Business Director for Kellogg JV on the development of Gorgon LNG Downstream Project. Through Teleology Energy, she provides commercial, supply chain management and legal support on decommissioning and renewable energy projects. She is currently the Commercial Manager for the development of a large-scale solar project and a green hydrogen project in Western Australia.
Ineke is a lawyer and also has a BSc., LLB, LLM and a MSc. in Decommissioning from University of Aberdeen. As an Adjunct at the Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, she provides guidance on decommissioning strategy, as well as regulatory, and commercial aspects of decommissioning. She has a particular interest in collaborative commercial models, CCS, GHG emissions, and residual liability.
Dr Claus Otto is the director of the Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre. The Centre brings its multi-disciplinary research and development expertise to the oil and gas industry’s technology challenges enhancing existing industry collaborations. One of its industry-driven themes is on Late-Life-Planning and Decommissioning.
Prior to joining Curtin he was the Technology Manager at Shell in the Netherlands and Australia, leading innovative upstream technology developments for its global operations. He has an extensive knowledge of industry operations and processes. He worked for 15 years for CSIRO leading various research teams and programs on hydrodynamics, subsea, wells, fluid flow in reservoirs, exploration and production as well as climate change mitigation technologies.

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