Addressing the needs of contemporary and future business professionals and leaders, Curtin Business School is leading the way in career sustainability research and practice. Drawing on the expertise of world class thought leaders in the field, we offer a number of Masterclasses in a broad range of topics to help professionals up-skill and stay abreast of the latest trends.

Upcoming masterclasses

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SMART Work Design

Learn how to create and redesign jobs that increase job satisfaction and performance, reduce employee stress, and lead to a flourishing organisation. You’ll gain knowledge of the concept of ‘SMART Work’, and will be able to apply this model to your own organisation.

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Giving Voice to Values

This two-day masterclass will provide you with a practical, immediately actionable ‘Giving Voice to Values’ framework for responding to and dealing with ethically challenging situations in the workplace.

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Oil Prices in a Changing World

Using practical, illustrative examples, this masterclass is a series of webinars that will provide a clear explanation of oil pricing in international markets and give you the economic tools you need to gain insight into the future behaviour of the oil market.

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Creating and Leading a Safe Workplace Culture

Safety leaders play a vital role in safety performance. Understand the day-to-day challenges employees face and learn the importance of creating a culture of safety in your workplace.

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Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems

In this online masterclass, you will explore evidence-based approaches to clearly identify the problem at hand and learn how to apply effective decision making in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments.

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WA Mining and Petroleum Titles Unravelled

There is a range of legislative and regulatory requirements attached to mining and petroleum titles within Western Australia. This two-part Masterclass in Curtin Law School’s Energy Governance series unravels the laws that regulate mining and petroleum titles and provides a roadmap for dealing with some common legal disputes.

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Balancing People, Technology and Data in the Workplace

With issues like AI bias, data privacy and employee experience, creating a workplace that balances people, technology and data is critical. In this one day masterclass you will explore the importance of aligning people, technology, and data strategies and learn how to manage the implications of technology in the workplace.

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Project Management Masterclass Series

Tackle projects strategically and systemically, learn how to get the most out of your suppliers and become a master of managing stakeholders. The Project Management Masterclass Series comprises five one-day masterclasses into one program with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful project manager.

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The FoWI team

Future of Work Institute Masterclasses

The Future of Work Institute (FoWI) promotes productive and meaningful work as essential foundations of a healthy economy and society. FoWI’s researchers focus on how people contribute to and benefit from new knowledge and practices, and their masterclass programs are designed to translate and disseminate their research to support thriving people and organisations in the digital age.

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Previous programs

The following programs have been run in the past, and are open to expressions of interest for future sessions. Please contact the Executive Education team if you are interested in any of the programs we have to offer.

Career Sustainability: ‘Future-Proofing your Career’

This program is taught by Associate Professor Julia Richardson, an internationally recognized careers researcher and teacher in the field of human resource management. Julia draws on her recently published book– An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of your Work and your Life, to identify the key strategies for ‘future-proofing’ your career. The program will also feature guest speakers from industry, with essential insights into the changing nature of the global labour market.

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Stakeholder Best Practice: how to drive organisational change through co-creation

Effective stakeholder identification and engagement gives your business a competitive advantage by broadening its organisational capabilities and providing new market opportunities.

This Masterclass in stakeholder best practice teaches you how to identify stakeholders and introduces you to a proven method for effective stakeholder management to drive business success.

This highly practical program is taught by Professor Fran Ackermann, an internationally recognised researcher and teacher in the field of business strategy.

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Design Thinking for the Modern Leader

Design thinking is a powerful creative methodology that uses empathy to uncover deep customer insights and develop innovative solutions. Our Design Thinking masterclass will provide you with an appreciation and understanding of the key elements of the design thinking process. By applying this human-centred philosophy, you can start turning complex end-user problems into groundbreaking user-led products and services.

During this action-orientated Masterclass, Curtin University researchers and design thinking practitioners will guide you through the steps required to define a fixable problem, generate problem statements, apply ideation techniques and prototype solutions. You will also get to see how design thinking is being applied by local industry with a case study from Bankwest.

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Data Driven Decision Making

Despite the recent hype and enthusiasm, organisations are still struggling to understand the full potential and limitations of data analytics. Some organisations are experiencing difficulties in establishing data infrastructure while others are collecting large amounts of data but struggling to understand the best way to utilise such valuable assets.

This masterclass demonstrates how to derive an organisational strategy to establish a robust data analytics infrastructure which involves data collection, data management, data analytics and translation of analytics into useful business insights that inform business strategy.

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Marketing Luxury Brands

In a retail world cluttered with cheap imitations, luxury brands must distinguish themselves to retain their prestige and mystique. If you are interested in learning how to pitch or position a luxury brand, this exciting one-day program will teach you techniques to help you understand your audience and develop effective marketing strategies for unique products and services.

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Blockchain - Hope or Hype?

This masterclass introduces blockchain technology, looks at how a blockchain is built and implemented, and discusses the potential for blockchain to cause both disruption and advancement. You’ll learn how to strategise, navigate change and successfully turn blockchain technology into a business opportunity.

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Digital Engagement Masterclass Series

Get a fascinating insight into the Chinese digital landscape, understand the power of storytelling and roll up your sleeves with iterative design methodology. The digital engagement masterclass series is your introduction to the cornerstones of 21st century marketing: digital content creation, digital marketing and user experience design.

It combines five one-day masterclasses into one program that will bring you up to speed with everything a digital marketing professional needs to make an impact in the global marketplace.

For those who are interested in only one, or a couple of the masterclasses, each class in the series can be also taken as a standalone class.

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Workplace Relations in the Modern Workplace

As modern workplaces grow increasingly complex, organisations must ensure that they maintain their knowledge of workplace and employee relations. This masterclass is designed for those who need practical knowledge on everyday issues in employee relations, including recruitment, conflict and dispute resolution, and more.

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Personal Branding in a Digital World

In this collaborative online workshop, you’ll learn about personal branding via a combination of webinars, a 1 hour live Q&A, mentoring with peers and facilitators, and take-home work to complete in-between sessions.

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Offshore decommissioning

Learn all aspects of decommissioning of offshore facilities from global leaders in the field.

In this masterclass, you’ll rapidly upskill your knowledge of offshore decommissioning in Australia, and delve deeply into the legal requirements and the processes involved. You’ll also look at the restoration processes and factors to consider during planning.

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Sparking Innovation

In this online masterclass, you’ll learn valuable ways to implement innovation through products, processes, services and business models. You’ll find out how to best engage creativity in the workplace, and provide the structure and support required to manage changes in your organisation effectively.

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Think like a hacker: cybersecurity awareness

In this one-day masterclass, you’ll put yourself in the shoes of a hacker and discover the phases of a successful cyberattack. You’ll learn to counter attacks though learning fundamentals of cybersecurity management and different ways to shield your business.

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Taking Data Analytics for a Test Drive

This masterclass will demonstrate the process of designing relevant business questions and show you how data analytics can potentially help to answer these questions. Participants will also have the opportunity to work with a data scientist through these exercises and gain insight on the benefits and challenges of business data analytics.

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