Success stories

Curtin Ignition the catalyst for more than 200 WA businesses

Since its inception in 2010, Curtin Ignition has helped more than 200 WA small businesses go from bright idea to commercial success.

62 entrepreneurs took part in the 2018 program, held in August – read more about their experiences and find out why one participant described it as being “intense to the point of insanity, mind-explodingly value-packed”

Case studies

Read some of the success stories from graduates of our program, and discover how Ignition could help you:

Sandy Heldsinger

Sandy Heldsinger, Brightpath

‘Ignition had such an impact on me – despite it being over two years since I attended the program, I can still remember a little bit of each and every one of the sessions.’

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Steve Carolan

Steve Carolan, CV Check

‘The program was really, really good; it ticked all the right boxes for us and accelerated our learning. Raising the capital for rapid high growth was all-important for CV Check and it helped point us in the right direction.’

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Donna Vincent

Donna Vincent, Hardhat

‘Ignition tells you the realities and how it is.’

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Simon Anderson

Simon Anderson, Notis

‘Ignition played a ‘foundation role’. I’m grateful for what Ignition did for Notis and I. Ignition helped in the validation of the concept and shaped my path into my future, and to Salt Lake City where there is so much opportunity and support for startup technology-based businesses.’

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Chris Parkin

Chris Parkin, Offpeak Games

‘I completed the Ignition program and went back to my team to tell them about what I had learned; one key take out for me came from my mentor: “Be a big part of a small market, not a small part of a big market.”’

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Marc Berryman

Marc Berryman, Rhinohide

‘Prior to Ignition I didn’t know where to begin to seek investment in the business and only six months later I have received two rounds of funding.’

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Sharon Grosser

Sharon Grosser, SEQTA Software

‘Prior to the program and, in fact, during it, I was full of self-doubt. I had never expected to find myself running a startup and I just didn’t know if what I was experiencing was “normal.”’

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Susanne Bahn

Dr Susanne Bahn, Tap into Safety

‘What especially amazed me about Ignition was the access to people and the ability to build my networks. I met a group of people who wanted to help me and did not have their hand out for something in return.’

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Becky Tunks

Becky Tunks (Lee), Virtualiis

‘Having done Ignition, I felt I truly understood what was happening throughout the investment process and the re-structure of the business; I’d heard the terminology, knew what it meant and knew what to expect. This was a huge advantage.’

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