Mr Tony Ottaviano

Tony is the Vice President Planning for the Iron Ore CSG. His primary role is to conceive and plan the ongoing development of BHPB’s Iron Ore assets in Western Australia. He is responsible for the development of the long term Resource Plan and leads the Exploration function. He guides the overall configuration and development of the Iron Ore Supply chain including growth and optimisation of the required harbour, rail and mining assets. He has responsibility for the plan to introduce appropriate technologies to our operations.

From December 2007 until November 2010, Tony was Vice President Iron Ore Projects. Prior to this role, he was responsible for the development of Iron Ore’s overall strategy and global growth agenda as Vice President Strategy and Analysis, Business Development.

Tony has worked through various operational roles at a number of mining houses including Rio Tinto and North Ltd.

In addition, Tony has worked for Wesfamers in its Business Development division focusing on merger and acquisition activities across many different industries, which has broadened his experience outside the mining space.