Dr Shayne Silcox

Shayne Silcox

Shayne is currently Principal of the Strategic Leadership Consulting Group.

Shayne was a leader in local government. His contribution to the community has been transformative during his 10 years as Chief Executive Officer of the City of Melville, one of Western Australia’s largest local governments with an annual budget of $130 million, physical assets of over $1.2 Billion, and over 750 staff servicing more than 107,000 customers.

With more than 40 years’ experience spanning the Private Sector, State and Local Government arenas, Shayne has extensive knowledge and experience in managing large workforces, as well as board and directorship across a wide range of small to large businesses across various industry sectors, including; Transport, Energy Research, Energy (Electricity and Gas), Business Development, Consulting (Business Excellence and Strategic Planning), Commercial Services, Management, Construction and Maintenance.

As leader of multi-million dollar organisations Shayne was recognised with the Local Government Distinguished Officers Award and the prestigious Local Government Managers Australia – LGMA Medal (2016), Australia Institute of ManagementAIM Leader of the Year (2016), CEO of the Year (2014) by the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) and the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC), and the Commonwealth Australia Day Honours with the Public Service Medal (2012).

He has also won the Order of Merit (2001) from the Institute of Company Directors, the Human Resource Institute Prize (1991), the Curtin Alumni Medal (1994) for academic excellence and leadership to the community, Local Government Honours (2006) for commitment and eminent service, and Certificate of Appreciation at City of Belmont (2008). He was awarded National Customer Service Award, National Business Excellence Prize and Gold Awards (2017/15), and Business Excellence Medal at Nedlands (2004).

Shayne’s accolades include Western Australian Customer Service CEO of the Year in 2012 & 2008 and national runner-up CEO of the Year. In 2009 The City was recognised as the World’s most liveable City by the United Nations.

Shayne describes the driving forces in his life as being a pursuit of excellence and a commitment to lifelong learning.