Mrs Renae Lavell

Renae Lavell is Director Human Resources for WA Police, an organisation with 8000 employees, a 24/7 frontline operating environment and responsibility for the largest policing jurisdiction in the world.

With a background originating in industrial and employee relations, Renae is a specialist in the fields of human resource management, organisational strategy and learning and development and has led these functions for large private and public sector organisations.

Renae is focussed on ensuring that HR is positioning itself as driver and supporter of organisational change and has led significant HR reforms. These have included organisational restructuring and its associated stakeholder management, industrial agreement negotiations, large scale recruiting campaigns both locally and overseas and the implementation of new corporate processes to address issues such as performance management, difficult to fill positions, increasing workforce diversity and responding to changing workforce needs.

Renae has extensive experience in developing strategy and promotes business and industry knowledge as critical for the HR function and its ability to influence organisational strategy and outcomes.

Renae holds a Bachelor of Business (Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management), Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management and a Masters of Business Leadership (with Distinction – Best Graduating Student 2008).