Mr Christiaan Heyning

Christiaan is the Founding Partner of McKinsey’s Perth office and leads the McKinsey Oil & Gas Practice in Western Australia with a strong focus on meeting the world’s energy and material demands without harming the planet.

Over the past decade, Christiaan has worked almost exclusively with resource companies and heavy industries on both strategic and operational issues. He is particularly motivated by the intersection of strategy and operations – for example, implementing concrete ways to reduce the cost of big capital projects, flowing from a strategic assessment of why and where Australia’s costs are different from other regions.

Building on his physics degree and his pre-McKinsey experience of founding an Internet company, Christiaan is increasingly active in supporting clients to capture the benefits that automation, or big data, can bring to the sector.

Examples of his recent work include:

  • Substantially increasing the financial position of a global miner through a company-wide turnaround
  • Identifying opportunities for how big data could increase revenues for a global resource company, including how to embed these capabilities into the business
  • Building capabilities in a newly-established company to set it up for long-term success

Christiaan is a keen contributor to the debate on how to position Western Australia for the future.