Mr Bernard Salt AM

Bernard Salt AM
Bernard Salt is a social commentator, a newspaper columnist, a business advisor and a published author.  He has also been an adjunct professor at the Curtin University Business School since 2012.  Bernard is based in Melbourne and built his career as a Partner in corporate advisory by founding KPMG Demographics.

It is also fair to say that Bernard Salt has popularised “demography” in Australia and beyond through his columns and media appearances.  He has published six popular and best-selling books on social and cultural change starting with The Big Shift: Welcome to the third Australian culture released in 2002.

For the better part of 20 years Bernard has been a regular on the Australian corporate speaking circuit addressing business groups and others on the implications of social change.  He argues that demographic factors set the context for popular and consumer culture.

He has popularised terms like ‘seachange’ and ‘treechange’ as well as ‘the man drought’ and more recently the term ‘smashed avocado’ which he made famous, or infamous, globally.

Prior to joining KPMG in the late 1990s Bernard worked with a predecessor firm of PwC and prior to that he worked with a boutique consulting firm based in Melbourne.

Bernard Salt is a school teacher (history and geography) by training although he never taught; instead of teaching he completed a Master of Arts degree in geography at Monash University and then went into consulting.

Bernard was born and raised in the Western Victorian township of Terang. Since retiring from KPMG in 2017 Bernard established The Demographics Group which is a boutique consulting practice servicing the needs of corporate Australia.

In the 2017 Australia Day honours list, Bernard Salt was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his services to demography.  Bernard has been a regular visitor to, speaker for, and supporter of Curtin University since 2012.