Inaugural Woodside Global Perspectives week

Dan Packey and Tom Houghton were recently invited to lead the opening session of the inaugural Woodside Global Perspectives week, an initiative designed to give employees of Woodside a greater appreciation of the challenges facing an Australian business seeking to extend its global footprint. The event, which filled the 100-seater auditorium at Woodside Plaza, took a broad-ranging look at some of the global megatrends affecting the way businesses operate before homing in on some disruptive technologies which might fundamentally impact on Woodside’s operations. The highly interactive session concluded with some perspectives on how shifts in global demographics and economic power could have profound implications for established business models and practices.

Following on from this, Tom Houghton will be picking up some of the themes in a keynote address to the Woodside Excellence and Innovation Forum, to be held at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre in November, which will see 500 mostly technical employees of Woodside come together to discuss how innovation can help to ensure a sustainable future for the company.