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Our courses integrate evidence-based knowledge, industry know-how and emerging global trends across key discipline areas, including:

  • Business Information Systems
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and International Business
  • People, Culture and Organisations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Our links with leading industry groups offer a range of work experience opportunities. These experiences enable you to hone your work skills before you graduate, and transition into the business world. Our industry-connected approach also means you’ll be eligible to apply for entry to professional industry bodies upon graduation.
The School of Management and Marketing has several advanced facilities, including a social media command centre, The Agency, a high-tech boardroom known as Management HQ, and Curtin’s renowned Consumer Research Lab.
The School is also home to leading research entities such as the Future of Work Institute, the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, the Luxury Branding Research Cluster, the Tourism Research Cluster and the Blockchain Research and Development Lab.

Management HQ

Management HQ

Management HQ simulates real-world corporate decision making and is inspired by neuroscience and space ergonomics.
This cutting-edge facility uses the latest technology to create an immersive learning environment, designed to help students visualise and assimilate data, formulate strategies, and engage in strategic decision-making, and high performance teamwork.

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The Agency

The Agency

Located in Wesfarmers Court at Curtin Perth, The Agency lets students experience first-hand how brands can monitor their online presence using social media analytics. The Agency gives business students and professionals the opportunity to track online trends in real time and carry out social media marketing analytics for actual events and campaigns in a technology-rich environment.

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