Bloomberg Training

Student training on Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg is a premier financial services industry data integrator providing news and analytics for over 129 countries and 250 exchanges. Offerings include 24-hour historical and 15-minute delayed securities pricing, news, data, and analysis on companies, markets and economies. Bloomberg market coverage includes: Governments, Preferred, Corporate’s, Mortgages, Money Markets, Municipals, Equities, Commodities, Indices, and Currency & Derivatives.

Bloomberg is accessible via one of 16 Bloomberg enabled terminals in the CBS Trading Room (408). The CBS Trading room provides students with a single, all-inclusive platform for access to real-time and historical financial and economic data, news, charts and analytical tools.

Bloomberg offers a number of extra curriculum opportunities for Curtin Students, including the Bloomberg Essentials Certification.

Curtin Business School also offers a number of training sessions and how to’s on the use of Bloomberg. For information about training sessions please see the below information:

Bloomberg Training

Bloomberg Training is a hands on workshop that will introduce you to the basics of the Bloomberg Professional Software – including an overview of power functions and key services offered within the package. These 1 Hour session will run through the basics of Bloomberg Professional Software and provide you with an understanding of how you can further develop your Bloomberg understanding.

  • Bloomberg Training Session 1 – Wednesday 29th August 12:00pm to 1:30pm *
  • Bloomberg Training Session 2 – Wednesday 26th September 10:00am to 11:30am*

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)
Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a 8-hour, self-paced e-learning course that provides an interactive introduction to the financial markets. BMC
consists of 4 modules – Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities – woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television.
The course is available through the Bloomberg Professional® service at BMC <GO> or through the Bloomberg for education website.

For all enquiries regarding Bloomberg please contact

*There is no requirement to register – just turn up!