Building innovation the focus for industry leaders

On Wednesday 19 April the Curtin Business School hosted a workshop in conjunction with DuPont as part of our exciting 2017 collaboration.

The workshop involved representatives from a diversified range of representatives from sectors and focused on:

  • Understanding innovation better from a range of industry perspectives
  • Identifying areas for collaboration and research projects
  • Building an innovation network/community of practice

Participants considered the question, “what are the challenges and opportunities for building innovation into Australian organisational practices?” Subsequently, a number of themes were identified.

Themes / projects identified

  • Building an innovative culture within the industry
  • Establishing new business models for Universities
  • Identifying effective ways to ‘unpack problems’ getting at the cause and building a sustainable outcome
  • Developing a more innovative Australia
  • Improving business models
  • Recognising innovation processes are not well understood and working to resolve that
  • Changing perception that innovation costs money
  • Developing leadership in innovationThe next step is to bring academia and industry together to work towards identifying recommendations for action for these projects. These projects will establish relationships and form the bedrock for the

The projects will bring academia and industry together to establish relationships that will form the bedrock for the 2017 DuPont Innovation Award.