Building an innovation-driven culture shapes the debate

On Thursday 17 August 2017, CBS Research and Innovation and DuPont Sustainable Solutions co-hosted the CBS-DuPont Innovation Debate at the Curtin Graduate School of Business.

The event was well attended by invited guests from a wide range of industries and Curtin University staff, and saw two teams go head-to-head to debate the proposition that “any organisation can design, implement and capitalise on a culture of innovation.”

To set the tone for the debate, Fran Ackermann, Dean CBS Research and Innovation and Michele Villa, Director and Global Practices Leader at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, opened the event with an introduction to the role of innovation in their organisations.

Neil Kavanagh, Woodside Energy Chief Science and Technology Manager, then delivered a keynote, drawing on the rich culture of innovation that Woodside has built over a great number of years.

The debating teams, comprising speakers with practitioner backgrounds, then undertook a lively and entertaining debate that stimulated the audience’s thinking on the role of innovation in organisations, the effect of implementing innovating cultures and how it might be facilitated.

The debate was very well received by the audience and drew some thought-provoking comments and questions, with a show of hands declaring the team refuting the proposition as the winners.

The team supporting the proposition was made up of Jeanette Roberts, Director of Jeanette Roberts Consulting, and DuPont Sustainable Solutions Global Practice Leader, Alexey Lesin. The team against included Ideas2Results Director, Rod Evans and Ernst & Young Mining and Metals Business Development Account Director, Kristie Young.

Following the formal part of the evening, guests were invited to enjoy a cocktail reception, where the discussion on innovation continued and many new networks were formed.

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