Vision, mission and values

Curtin Vision 2030

A recognised international leader in research and education.

Curtin will be a beacon for positive change, embracing the challenges and opportunities of our times to advance understanding and change lives for the better.

We will provide richly interactive and personalised learning experiences for our students, equipping them with leadership skills for the future and valuing them as partners in education and research – and as long-term influencers of change within society.

Through high-impact research in areas of strategic importance, we will deliver outcomes of significant value to our communities locally, nationally and globally.

Curtin Mission

To change minds, lives and the world through leadership, innovation and excellence in teaching and research.

Curtin Values

  • Integrity – to act ethically, honestly and with fairness
  • Respect – to listen, value and acknowledge
  • Courage – to lead, take responsibility and question
  • Excellence – to strive for excellence and distinction
  • Impact – to empower, enable and inspire

Curtin Business School Mission

“Curtin Business School, through industry-connected innovative teaching and research, develops internationally focused graduates committed to excellence.”

Curtin Law School Mission

“To provide a transformative legal education, professionally focussed, aimed at producing law graduates capable of judgement based on ethical and professional standards, deep discipline knowledge, international perspectives, and a strong understanding of the Rule of Law.”

We achieve our mission through:

Industry Engagement

We engage actively at all levels across all key industry sectors – small, medium and large businesses, the professions, the not-for-profit sector and government. This enhances our teaching, research and the student experience. Specifically, we:

  1. Prepare graduates for business and legal careers and leadership
  2. Incorporate industry knowledge into our curriculum development and research

An International Perspective

We are one of the Asia-Pacific region’s largest multi-national, multi-cultural business schools. We develop a diverse international perspective through our curriculum and research activities. Specifically, we:

  1. Offer a choice of study destinations and provide access and mobility across locations
  2. Foster diverse research and learning networks of international application and relevance
  3. Continuously meet standards through accreditation by national regulators and international bodies

Innovative and Applied Research

We focus on high quality, strategic research that produces innovative solutions to real problems. Specifically, we:

  1. Develop research partnerships in strategic areas to improve the quality of our research and research outcomes
  2. Strive to improve our performance through publication in internationally recognised journals, in competitive grants and in contract research
  3. Attract research students with excellent potential into areas of research focus and provide them with effective support and supervision

Learning and Teaching

We provide an environment that encourages staff and student learning and innovation. Our programs and the wider Faculty of Business and Law experience encourages critical thinkers who develop into self-directed, motivated and active learners.

  1. Develop curricula, courses and assessment informed by business needs, practice, research and scholarship
  2. Offer flexible learning opportunities and modes of delivery, which enrich the learning experience
  3. Observe continuous improvement provided by regular evaluation of practice, conscious of the contextual environment of our multi-national locations