The Agency

Located in Wesfarmers Court at Curtin Perth, The Agency lets you experience first-hand how brands can monitor their online presence using social media analytics. It gives business students and professionals the opportunity to track online trends in real time and carry out social media marketing analytics for actual events and campaigns in a technology-rich environment.

Follow live social media activity

The Agency’s social media command centre provides an impactful visual display highlighting trending hashtags, comment feeds and shared posts from Facebook, Twitter and other key platforms. The command centre’s multi-screen interface utilises leading social media analytics software, with touchscreen monitors to provide an authentic and interactive marketing experience.

Develop skills in social media marketing analytics

Social media marketing and digital analytics are transforming marketing with more businesses turning to analytics to track their business productivity and marketing campaigns.

At The Agency, you can develop core skills in social media analytics and learn how to track, monitor and respond to comments, questions and complaints online in real-time.

Learn in an industry-standard workspace

Developed in consultation with idustry partners, The Agency is fitted with 24 workstations and a breakout zone for brainstorming and group collaboration, creating the feel of a real marketing workplace. If you are studying your course online, you can also access and benefit from The Agency’s integrated software wherever you are.

Tutor giving lecture in the Agency, Curtin's social media command centre