Statement of principles

Nigel De Bussy

I am pleased to affirm the Faculty of Business and Law’s commitment to ethics, responsibility and sustainability (ERS) and to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).
We are proud to share our ERS Statement of Principles below and continue to embed these into our day-to-day practices.
Given our approach to ethics, responsibility and sustainability requires a collaborative effort between staff, students and external stakeholders, I offer my thanks to the Curtin community for ensuring that we continue to provide a contemporary, global and socially-aware education for our students.

Professor Nigel de Bussy
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Business and Law
Dean, Curtin Business School

Ethics, responsibility and sustainability statement of principles:

The Faculty of Business and Law is committed to:

  • Observing a duty of care to each member of the Curtin community
  • Demonstrating integrity, objectivity and conscientiousness across teaching, research and administration activities
  • Instilling consideration of the impact of decisions on individuals, groups and society in our staff and students
  • Paying attention to the human, environmental and social impact of all of our activities to ensure they are of benefit to society
  • Encouraging our staff and students to defend the rights, freedom and dignity of others
  • Consideration of human-rights and environmental impacts in the procurement and use of goods and services
  • Development of an alumni that is empowered with the skills and knowledge to address global and societal challenges
Principles for Responsible Management Education logo

Curtin University is proud to be an advanced signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).